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South Central Kansas Real Estate

South Central Kansas real estate can be found throughout the multiple counties that make up this geographical location. Perhaps the most noteworthy and certainly the largest in population and land mass is the metropolitan area of Wichita. This area consists of four different counties. In addition, there is much more to South Central Kansas real estate. The strong economy, exceptional education and numerous recreational attractions support the real estate market that is quite appealing just by itself.

South Central Kansas real estate is surrounded by a fundamentally sound economical base with growth projected in an abundance of pathways. For example, there is the South Central Kansas Economic Development District, SCKEDD, whose main purpose is to stimulate growth in the designated 14 county district. Their programs include housing rehabilitation and preservation, which aids in the South Central Kansas real estate development, business funding and a plethora of other programs and incentives. The area is also supported economically through large businesses and diverse industries that help fuel the economy.

  • agriculture
  • commercial and private aircraft
  • transportation equipment
  • apparel
  • mining
  • petroleum
  • food processing
  • machinery

The educational climate is one that is in a constant state of pursuit for academic achievement at the highest level. This is exemplified in the philosophy of the South Central Kansas Education Service Center. This is an organization that supports educational enhancement throughout the districts. South Central Kansas real estate is surrounded by a wide variety of outstanding schools in the public and private domain. These schools are award winning and nationally recognized schools whose mission is to create an environment where academic and personal success are top priority. South Central Kansas is also home to many higher education facilities.

  • Wichita State University
  • Wichita Technical Institute
  • Friends University
  • Newman University
  • Associated Colleges of Central Kansas
  • multiple community colleges

To add to the appeal of South Central Kansas recreational activities and events are frequent and easily accessible. The range of these activities are also plentiful. There are places for historical interests. The cultural diversity also offers many different realms of possible recreation. The wonderful outdoors supplies a variety of activities as does the arts and entertainment industry. Festivals and fairs of all kinds are a regular occurrence too. There is truly something for everyone.

Once all the opportunities are recognized it is no wonder that South Central Kansas real estate has some of the fastest growing communities in the state. The assortment of real estate options cover the fields of residential, commercial, acreage and many others. The pricing is just as wide of a spectrum. The potential to live at a home with acreage surrounding it and the peace and quietness that accompanies this lifestyle is just as feasible as is the dwelling located in the hustle of a large city. Of course, there are many neighborhoods whether they are established, modest, newly built, gated or something in between.

In order to navigate the extensive choices you need the professional and quality service of our expertise in the South Central Kansas real estate market. Call us today to get started on what will surely be a rewarding and positive experience.